Nute Gunray


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Get ready to bow down to the power of the infamous Nute Gunray, now available as a LEGO minifigure. With his trademark headdress and calculating gaze, this sneaky Separatist leader is a force to be reckoned with. Add him to your LEGO Star Wars collection today!"

Some fun facts about the Nute Gunray minifigure from LEGO sets 7958 and 8036:

  • Nute Gunray is a Neimoidian, a species known for their business acumen and involvement in the Trade Federation.
  • The minifigure first appeared in 2009 as part of the LEGO Star Wars set 8036 Separatist Shuttle and later in 2011 in set 7958 Star Wars Advent Calendar.
  • The minifigure includes a headdress piece that is unique to the character and helps to distinguish him from other Neimoidians in the Star Wars universe.
  • In the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Nute Gunray serves as the Viceroy of the Trade Federation and is a key player in the Separatist movement.
  • Nute Gunray is often portrayed as a cowardly and treacherous character, willing to betray his allies for personal gain.
  • The inclusion of the Nute Gunray minifigure in LEGO Star Wars sets allows fans to recreate iconic scenes from the movies and create their own adventures with this memorable character.


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